The Journey of Sustainability

It was quite nice to finally have my sustainably class! I have heard since I was a freshman about how important and under utilized it is and was great to see why we need it and how it can improved and implemented in so many assets of the design and production process. To be honest my favorite thing in this class was listening and watching TED talks keynotes. They are so informative and inspirational because of how knowledgeable and passionate they are about what they do. I also greatly enjoyed the video about building a LEED certified building. It showed that there is so many variables can cause trouble with so many new sustainable products out there. It just goes to show how many obstacles have to be over come in battling for LEED certification. Aside from the videos I really did enjoy the Design Slams as well. I thought it was a good idea for people to really think outside of the box in a time crunched environment. I was very impressed with what some of the groups had come up with including our own group! I did however expect to learn more about LEED which we did touch base on but did not go into the true pros and cons of using the LEED certification system.

I enjoyed the student presentations as well. I think having each different major (Interior design, Apparel Design) was a great way for others to see what is out there. Without hearing about Pharrell Williams company G-star that uses ocean plastics for clothing we might have never even considered using recycled ocean plastics to create and interior product for our final project.

I will be honest I did find it difficult to keep track of the direction of the class because both majors were targeted in it. But part of that could just be that I am enrolled in 22 hours and my brain was sweating constantly. But overall it was a good experience and the blogging, as much as we didn’t want to do it, it was a good way for us to express what we learned and how we truly felt about it. I almost saw it as meeting with you to discuss our feelings towards certain things without facetime which is, in the long run more convenient for us as well as you. If I had to implement one thing in the class it could be for us to just step back and look at all the sustainable products available to designers and present those to the class very quickly. Perhaps an every week quick event!. Not only how its made but where its made and how it is shipped. I really believe with that mindset we could implement small but very important changes in our worlds step to a more sustainable future.

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