Using What I Learned In Real Life

Sustainability was something that I honestly did not know anything about. I was always taught to recycle but this class really brought things into perspective for me. I truly feel like I learned things in this class that I will use for the rest of my life. Now that I know more, to me sustainability is a process to try and help make the world more eco-friendly. I also think of it as a way that designers can create amazing new items while making them sustainable. We learned so many different ways that we can change the way we do certain things.

Learning about Empathic Design is something I will always think about while working with people. It is so interesting how people react differently to things. By really listening to that person’s wants and needs it will be easier to make them happier. That will help in the real world when working with people. In class I always enjoyed listening to the ideas that everyone had. My favorite thing we did was when we did the Design Probs. It really made me think about how I spent my days. Recording everything I did made me what to be healthy for myself but also for the environment. It really is such a smart way to see what people need. Having so many different things to do really helped me learn too. Sometimes the topics like Biomimicry and Industrial Ecology were hard to wrap my brain around at first. But having class discussions and hearing what everyone had to say really made everything so much more interesting.

I have personally made changes like using a reusable water bottle only instead of buying plastic water bottles. When I am at the store I think about what I am buying and how I can use them in different ways so I do not have to waste anything. Going into this class I did not realize that is would have such an effect on me. I have always heard that we are ruining our planet and I never really thought anything I did was that bad. Now I know what to change and for the future possibly create things that can be better for our planet.

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