blog number one

This week really opened my eyes to how large of a problem there is in the world that revolves around keeping the Earth clean and sustainable. I did not realize how many people have such strong feelings towards some of the major issues that are going on. I also did not realize the efforts that are being put forward to help with all of these issues on a larger scale. Growing up, I knew that I was supposed to recycle and do the basic things that are taught in school but I did not realize until recently how much more there is that can be done to help make our carbon footprint smaller. A lot of people are extremely passionate about making our carbon footprint smaller on such a large scale that I do not see how it is can even be possible for people to contribute when so much has to be done. I am eager to learn more about this subject though so that I will be more aware of what is going on in the world around me.

The 11th Hour shed a lot of light on the reality of the future of the Earth. More people need to be made aware of what is going to happen if no action is being taken. On the other hand though, I do not see how effective this initiative is going to be because of how expensive most of the new materials are going to cost. People are so set in their ways and afraid of change that it is going to be difficult for everyone to get on board. I also think that people will not be willing to change until they physically see the consequences that are going to occur.

The Easter Island article was very interesting to me because of the fact that they had zero natural resources so all of it had to be outsourced from different places. This kind of a scary thought to imagine not being able to grow any natural resources. This is eye opening that this could potentially happen in today’s society if we do not take care of this Earth we live on.

The Fashioning Sustainability article seemed pretty similar to a lot of other sustainability material that has been made present in previous years in the DHM program. A lot of materials can be recycled and made into other products and is absolutely a possibility but some materials can’t repurposed so as much as it is pushed, it sometimes can’t be done. I understand that this is a very important aspect of my career field of wanting to be an interior designer but this issue has to start on a larger scale with the manufacturers.

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