Living in an economic-based society and the potential outcome.

My awareness for the lack of sustainability in our society today has definitely increased from this past week in class. The most informative outlets that stuck with me were the 11th hour movie and the Easter Island article. I have always been aware of sustainable practices but I wasn’t mindful of the cause and effects from out unsustainable practices. Both the article and video brought this to light.

The 11th hour is a great form of media that can raise awareness; I became very interested in sustainability and also had a sense of urgency to take action after watching this movie. I strongly believe this video could change millions of people’s perspectives and outlook on life. There was a statement made in the video that really impacted me, they stated, “We live in a society based upon economy.” They proceeded to discuss the urgency of this matter and followed with suggesting that we need a society that focuses more on nature. I get very emotional when I think about the truth in these statements. We are a society driven by consumption and politics and I believe it’s the primary fault for our unsustainable practices. I hope one day- very soon- our leaders of the world we live in today will have a sense of urgency to solve issues regarding global warming, deforestation, etc. in order to lead our society in a new direction- a direction that is able to live in the environment we were given with in peace and harmony.

I believe Easter Island is a perfect example of what an economic-based society will eventually evolve into. The greed, competition, and consumption of the Islanders were the things that drove their society and in the end they were the things that ended it as well. The comparison between Easter Island and today’s society are too similar to ignore, and it worries me of our future. I believe it is important to learn from the events of Easter Island and aim for a society that is more concerned in the “future” rather then the “now.” As humans we make mistakes but it is also our duty to learn from those mistakes. After reading this article and watching the 11th hour, I certainly have the motivation to live a more sustainable lifestyle as well as spread the knowledge I have learned from this week.

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