Sustainability, more to it than I thought

I have always been intrigued with sustainable design and lifestyle. I try to live as such in my daily life. Its no surprise we could use a face-lift in that area here. I had heard of the 11th hour but honestly didn’t know what it was fully about. Possibly just some scientist’s scare tactic. I was pleasantly surprised and happy to agree on most topics of the film. I found the term “accelerating our disconnection,” interesting. We think we are separate from nature, but the reality is, we are nature. By creating our own world, we think we are exempt from what nature can and will do. Nature doesn’t need us, but we need it. I found it comforting to know that once we can all grasp the reality of that, we can change the world. I believe we will in my lifetime. We have to.

The article on Easter Island portrays the reality of what we have done, just on a smaller scale. How can we not see what we are doing? Do we just not see the benefit in it because we are too selfish to accept the reality? Maybe the scare tactic isn’t working anymore. Maybe we need to implement the facts into our communities, offer design that forces people to unknowingly accept and practice sustainability. What a fantastic career we have chosen.

According to the 11th hour, there is no technology that can replace nature. If there was such, it would cost 35 trillion a year. Children know logos instead of flowers. The question now lies in, how do we integrate the two, technology and nature. A waste free industrial system. Buildings that have no waste, like a tree sending its energy up. Paul Hawken, Stephen Hawkins, Janin Benyus, and Ray Anderson, to name a few, are people that I found influential and have begun looking into their works. To see people devoting their lives to educating society on a topic that will change the world, call them my epiphany.There is more to it than I thought, and I am excited to learn. Thank you.

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