Wake Up World

On Sunday Night, singer Miley Cyrus hosted MTV’s video music awards. Right after, she released a 23-song album, Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz; I was instantly curious to hear how it would sound because of her wild antics. One track in particular caught my attention: 1 Sun. In the song, Miley sings about how humans need to give back what they’ve stolen from Mother Nature, or else we won’t exist anymore.

“Can’t you see the earth is crying
Wake up, world
Can’t you see all the clouds are dying
And maybe one day there won’t be rainbows
Grass won’t be green and the sky won’t be blue
I don’t wanna see a cyclone
There’s no sun, no moon, no me, no you.”

When it comes to class, sustainability is a somewhat foreign concept to me so I have been receiving many major takeaways from class so far. The reading about Easter Island was extremely significant. We must learn from history so that the large-scale effects of deforestation and overpopulation will not repeat themselves.

The 11th Hour was incredibly eye opening. After watching the documentary, I realized that we need to act quickly to reverse the effects of global warming. I began doing research on one company mentioned that caught my eye: Tesla. I soon found an article about the Model S P85D scoring a 103 out of 100 from Consumer Reports; the car is 100% electric with MPG of 89 miles in the city and 98 on the highway. The only downside is the price, which begins at $105,000.
Along with Tesla, CEO Elon Musk also suggested a solar company concept to his cousins, which ended up being named SolarCity, the second largest provider of solar power systems in the United States. Musk’s motivation to fund both of these companies is to help fight global warming. In 2014, construction began in Buffalo, New York to build one of the biggest solar panel production facilities.

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