There Is No Away but There Is a Way: Blog 3

In reference to the article, Design for an Empathic World by Sim Van Der Ryan, nature centered design may seem unfathomable on a large scale- all at once, anyway. In sort like “greening the Titanic,” but the luxury of building a tiny home is that the builder has freedom to construct with consideration to the tiniest details. Lydia Doleman is a natural builder of residential properties centered on a movement to connect individuals with their living environments all while incorporating natural and reclaimed materials in her structures. One staple method of her construction is to use straw bales and straw clay as insulation for walls. The following links are twenty-minute episodes interviewing Doleman about her goals and aspirations to a future in natural building. Doleman takes the viewer on a tour on her natural building compound and discusses the technologies available for natural building. As you reflect on the video, consider how using some of the methods found in Doleman’s demonstration model could minimize your carbon footprint.

Would you consider a compost toilet? How about the usage of greywater to irrigate your personal garden? Does switching to solar LED lighting seem unobtainable?

While at college my resources seem limited with rental properties that allow little control over energy efficiency etc. I have had the cooperation with my landlord to call for city recycling to my unit. Little steps like this can help to lesson your carbon footprint.

“The natural building movement is crucial to human empowerment and democratizing the social and physical architecture that we inhabit. In a fragmented and dysfunctional world we can only reconnect people and places by creating structures that directly reflect localized, authentic patterns of living. Buildings have the capacity to equalize people or segregate them. The choices made in building with local and natural materials help enhance the healthy human patterns that elevate society and individuals.” Lydia Doleman

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