LOLA show – waste = food: blog 4

As we “watched” each LOLA show, each group member made different opinions and interesting views on topics covered in class. Closing the loop was covered and opened up a very interesting movement of garment printing by food products. Another show touched on a biomimicry chair – this explained the process and ideas of the structural design by the makings of cellulose. The next show explained the concept of industrial ecology in fashion. The closed loop production system was also covered in this show – she included statistics of extending the life of garments and the wardrobe metabolism. An interesting fact I learned was that it takes synthetic fabrics can take up to 200 years to biodegrade. Another interesting show covered the footwear industry. The information from this show talked about that the annual consumption is 2.4 million pairs of shoes per year, and it takes about 50 years for a pair to decompose. Later another show talked about body armor inspired by fish scales. This idea could revolutionize the way our soldiers are protected.

While in the reading, we covered waste = food. This was also covered in many of the LOLA shows. The reading really explained the hierarchy of waste and recycling vs. reuse. This was all covered in class and I found it very interesting from all the viewpoints during the show. Downcycling is a major point in this chapter: within the reading it is described as creating new products from old, unusable or worthless products… these new products are worth less than the original product and prevents waste of materials that can be still useful. Recycling is described as nonwovens and industrial products are the most common products recycled, many plastics, most aluminum and rubber. All these things are often used in recycling plants around the world.

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