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The functions of a building are simple to define as an interior design and architecture student. The main priority for any building is to create a space enclosed from nature where people can easily function to participate in certain tasks. Its general overall function is to protect humans from nature. Buildings keep us warm; cool us down save us from the rain, snow, wind, and other forces of nature. It creates an environment that allows us to be productive and complete various tasks. A tree does a lot of similar things as well. Trees provide and home or habitat for animals and insects that protects them from various forces of nature. They save water and conserve energy, and they provide oxygen for humans and make the air we breath cleaner. They add unity to our cities and neighborhoods just as buildings do. They provide wood, paper, and other resources that are used to create buildings and they provide food for animals. If all buildings functioned as trees did, making the air we breath cleaner and conserving energy, this would be a drastic change that would help us move toward a more sustainable Earth. This class has made me realize how truly blinded Americans are specifically impact the environment. We have so much opportunity here, and our country has such a vast amount of technology that we really are distracted from the harm we are doing to the planet. Many of us are so crunched for time and money that we think going green would be something inconvenient for us. Biomimicry has the potential to give us the answers to create a sustainable environment. Just as birds create nests in the trees out of twigs and branches, we should be building strictly with materials found in nature. We should be building into nature and expanding on its resources rather than cutting down nature to make room for urbanization. Insects rely simply on nature for food (partly because they have no other option). If we relied simply on animals as well as plants that we grow from the ground as sources of food, rather than eating food that is packaged in a factory and distributed, we would produce less waste. We have learned to rely so much on the convenience of pre-packaged foods and vegetables that we buy in the store. When I generally look at nature, I enjoy knowing that the trees serve as a home for creatures as well as a sustainable unit that betters the environment. When we create buildings, we should be creating something that serves it purpose, as well as takes advantage of its surrounding and the natural resources and makes them better. Solar panels take in the sunlight provided by nature to create energy for a household. This is just the start of what we can do to make buildings contribute to the wellness of our planet, rather than destroy it. The idea of Industrial Ecology is still confusing to me. But from what I understand, the general idea is that our industry extracts resources from the Earth and transforms them into things that can be sold to meet the needs of humanity. Parallels we can make from this system to interior design is that we can take the system that a tree uses to enhance the quality of our air, and try to mimic it into a system that takes in oxygen and cleans it for our benefit when it flows through a house. We could possibly look to implement this system into our insulation or air units.

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