Biophilic -Blog #5

Being biophilic is the love of life or other living systems. To design with the essence of being biophilic is to emulate nature, which is something that we as humans always have. Being biophilic is beneficial to our health and our well being, it simply helps sustain life. We discussed the fourteen ways we can design while being biophilic. The one I felt most strongly with was designing with a visual connection to nature. I lived in New York this summer turning my internship. I lived in Brooklyn but worked in Manhattan. During my lunch breaks I would sit in a courtyard outside a large skyscraper. It was a calming environment with trees, benches, a pond and rocks. It was a nice escape from the city and people.

On Thursday we focused on apparel. We discussed ten ways we can design garments while being responsible and sustainable. Along with each concept we watched a short video, which I found to be a great learning tool. It was nice to have visual aid and actually soak in the concept. I found designing to minimize waste to be very impactful. We can do this by dematerializing, using a zero waste method of production, and designing for durability. The fashion industry has the creativity and the impact to really make a sustainable difference in the world and I’m excited to be a part of the change.

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