Blog 5

This past week we discussed biophilic design and Eco Design. I learned how both of these topics greatly effect the environment and the way we live. I also learned as a designer, there is always a more sustainable way to a design a problem if you just set your mind to it. I was very inspired by the designer Elora Hardy’s TED talk about the bamboos houses.

She went into detail about the design process behind these magnificent homes in Bali. They have a team of designers, engineers, and architects that work together and collaborate to come up with the best most efficient way to build these sustainable homes made completely out of bamboo. The amount of hard work and effort that goes into each home is so inspiring to me as a designer. The passion behind every house and building they create is just so evident.

It opened my eyes and gave me hope in knowing that there are people that are truly changing the mold of what “design” and “architecture” are. People are finding better ways of doing things that will hopefully catch on and because of these actions and hard work, will create a cleaner more sustainable future.

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