Blog 5

I had first heard of building with bamboo last year in one of my classes and loved it so much I applied to intern there. With doing so, I came across a small company led by the daughter of Green School, Elora Hardy. I was blown away by how much since it made. I mean, its strong, plentiful, sustainable, clean, and when treated right, will last longer than normal homes….so why are we just now using bamboo? They use 7 different species of bamboo to build with, and provide facts about all of the qualities it can offer. I thought that they built their mock ups with bamboo instead of using CAD or some sort of other program. They are providing jobs for Bali and a clean way of life. Bamboo is typically more expensive to grow than trees, on the other hand, there are almost triple the speed of growth.

Learning from our past is very important when it comes to progression in design. We discussed the advances in design where they can genetically generate a plant to grow what it wants. Example; a green apple and then yellow apple. I don’t really know how I feel about that. I feel like we shouldn’t temper with what nature is doing. A part of me says we shouldn’t play god, on the other hand, of we are increasing the quality and decreasing waste…..then why would that be bad? If its not harming anyone, why not?

Consumer by back was a interesting way of purchasing clothes. One would almost rent a article of clothing/buy, then return once through. Training the consumer to be more conscious of the garments they purchase. Lease clothing. Leasing clothing can be very beneficial because it would give you the instant gratification of a purchase but also the convenience to get more.

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