Blog #5 – Bio Inspired Design

This past week in class we were shown a TED Talk that spoke about creating structures out of bamboo. I had seen this talk before and each time I do I am still amazed that Elora Hardy and her team create these beautiful structures out of bamboo and nothing else. After watching her TED Talk, I started to ask myself why designers do not incorporate bamboo into their design more. Bamboo can regrow much quicker than waiting for trees to regrow, and when treated properly bamboo will last a lifetime. As a designer, I will start to look into the use of bamboo with interiors and how I can start incorporating it more into my designs.

We also talked about Biomimicry in interior architecture and Bio Inspired design. I was amazed at what other people have created with biomimicry as their inspiration. What I found most interesting was a designer who created a carpet tile inspired by the floor of a forest. The design amazed me because you didn’t have to worry about matching carpet tiles perfectly together when you replaced them, which created less waste when making the carpet tiles. The design was an orderly chaos, and that when the designers studied the colors of the riverbeds or leaves on the ground, that none of the colors matched. Through that they were allowed to mix and match the colors found in nature.

I thought the carpet squares were a great solution to the waste problem that we see so much in the carpet industry. Companies will re-dye carpet tiles to match the color lot used in the original squares so when they are replaced you cannot tell the difference. Using the bio inspired tiles allow for less back order on a carpet tile, and less waste put out into the environment when dyeing and creating the fibers for the carpet tiles.

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