blog number 5: Bio Design

The main topic for this week revolves around bio-inspired design. This was very interesting to me because a lot of this topic influenced design in interiors. A lot of today’s ideas are geared towards fashion and apparel. Even within the college of human sciences, many of the classes and even things we learn in class are focused on apparels so it was nice to learn about something new that is occurring within interiors and sustainability. The TED talk that we watched in class was extremely intriguing. I found it so interesting that people have discovered ways to build bamboo house that include a normal houses amenities like a toilet, TV room and air conditioning. I think it is important to research further into this field because basic building materials and supplies are in a deep shortage. There is so much creativity and ingenuity in this field that has yet to be reached and I’m excited to see where it goes and how I can contribute.

On Thursday in class this week, we focused on more of the apparel side of our sustainable problem. I thought all of these mini videos were interesting due to the fact that they actually showed what they were talking about. It was a lot easier to understand what some of the stuff was that they were talking about because this can be a very complex topic.

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