Blog post 5- Bamboo Structures and more

In class on Tuesday the thing that stood out to me the most was the TED talk about building bamboo structures-especially the homes. I knew that bamboo has become popular in use for clothes and constructing buildings but I did not realize how amazing it was. I learned that the bamboo can regenerate so much quicker than tree wood. Using the bamboo for so many aspects in creating the homes and the school was amazing. There are so many uses for this sustainable material and I think it should be used more prominently. These structures are not only sustainable but can withstand many nature forces. A structure requires many workers, engineers, and architects but the end product is worth it. My eyes were opened to the wide variety of materials that need to be looked into and that we need to be resourceful with the materials that we do have.
To me it makes complete sense that we would include nature in our designs. It all goes back to the saying that we heard at the beginning of the semester “we need nature to survive but nature does not need us to survive” Designed around this concept is Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater. Natural resources and concepts were incorporated into his building so that it could be one with nature. Working with nature instead of replacing it is a great way to lead towards sustainability. I believe that learning from our previous works and past mistakes is very important. We know that we need new and more sustainable building materials so why not bamboo? If treated it can last a lifetime. It can withstand earthquakes and high winds. I think this is a material that should be used more in construction. It is a great example of the biophilic design we have been discussing.

I was absent for the Thursday class.

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