Design by Biology – Blog 5

This week was harder to comprehend material for me. I understood the concepts of Biophillic design and Bio-inspired design but really, truly grasping how it all works and trying to recreate something like that myself  (*swoosh*) over my head. What made it a little easier was how biophillic design has 14 principles that break it down how to utilize nature into your space. I believe that it is really important to incorporate nature or mimic nature in a space. I think being humans we have an affinity for nature whether we are conscious of that or not because that is what sustains our life and makes it enjoyable. Nature is the greatest designer that there ever was so now great human designers are trying to mimic its principles. My favorite principles or ones that I would use in my designing for my own store would be Presence of Water, Dynamic and Diffuse Light, Material Connection with Nature, and possibly Mystery if it was the right building for it. I would use all natural lighting in the main area of the store with skylights and big windows but for the fitting rooms use lighting techniques to mimic natural light so that they can still see. It was be interesting to have a waterfall behind the cash wrap to create a visually appealing piece. Use all leftover materials and Co-Op with local builders and contractors and use their leftover product to build my displays. Mystery would be harder to execute but it would be an interesting concept to bring into the store.

To me incorporating biophillic design is a lot easier for me to understand for an interiors point of view than an apparel because I am not an apparel designer I am a merchandiser so I know how to market the product and explain it to my consumers but I couldn’t create something from nothing.  The smart skin design was really cool because there were so many problem solving solutions just from one product and it could really create a great environment if it was made into something affordable to the average consumer. The couple solutions the skin had were ultra-violet protection, energy harvesting, and chromatic mimetism. Ultra-violet protection would be so important for people with skin cancer or people prone to sunburns. Our skin wouldn’t age as fast and we would suffering so much damage from the sun on a daily basis. Energy harvesting seems a little out there because I am not sure how they would be able to collect the energy after it has been stored but it is still a cool concept. Chromatic Mimetism like chameleon skin would be best for soldiers in battle or hunting because you could blend in with nature easily almost like an invisibility cloak but not quite. Even that seems far out to me but if they could make it happen it would be a great product for military and hunters.

On Thursday we watched a lot of short videos about concepts involving biomimcry, Cradle to Cradle, and Eco-design. The few that stood out to me that either I already do or know of a company that does these certain practices just never knew what it was called were: Products of Service, Design for Cyclability and Design to Dematerialize and Develop Systems and Services. Products of Service and Design for Cyclability I think are two concept that a lot of people do nowadays. We Upcycle/downcycle a lot of our thrift shop finds or old materials to create them into new things. I know that I always buy funky tshirts at Goodwill and turn them into tank tops or pillows or cutting designs into them. I also buy old jeans and cut them into shorts because its a one of a kind look and way cheaper than regular retail shorts. I always try to find cool pieces of wood decorations or dishware so that I can use for interesting pieces or spray paint into something different. Thrifting is one of my hobbies and I enjoy going through antique stores when I get the chance. I could spend a whole day just thrifting. One company for the dematerialize and develop systems and services concept is Rent the Runway. They have fabulous dresses, jewelry, handbags, shoes that are normally over $100 or even $1000 but you can rent for way under half the price for a few days to feel like a million bucks for a night out or vacation. I didn’t that was really a sustainable concept but it really is! Not only for nature but for peoples wallets it is a sustainable practice. Why buy a beautiful evening gown whenever you know that you are never going to wear it again because people saw you in it. It’s crazy to me that people do that though.

I believe that more companies and people should apply these concepts when they are creating a business/product/service to begin with because it is a step forward in the right direction to creating a sustainable Earth.

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