Eco and Biophilic Design

This week in class we discussed Eco Design and Biophilic Design on how they both impact the environment. Eco Design is an approach to designing products with special consideration for the environmental impacts of the product during its whole lifecycle. The traditional consumption production cycle is where products are ours to experience until we are done using them and then they are disposed. They are also designed to reduce chemical impacts. These products can be recycled and also contain the same or better value in the next life.

We also discussed Biophilic design in class which is all about how things are designed to either fit in with nature or not. Some examples would be buildings such as the birch tree and moss garden in the New York Times Building in New York City. It displays a visual connection with nature. Another Example would be fountain and garden in the Calat Alhambra in Granada, Spain. It is a non-visual connection with nature.

Fashion in interior design is said to be an organic encased in smoothly flowing forms and curvy details. So inspired examples would be a curved spiral shell house and a building looking like a cell from the outside and to include an assortment of forms inspired by molecular biology inside.

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