Fallingwater- Blog 5

This week, I had to go out of town for a family event on Thursday, so I was only in class on Tuesday. We learned about bio-inspired lighting and building design, and bio-inspired smart skins. The most interesting thing I learned from this lecture was that farming has been a practice for 12,000 years, cities have been populated for 250 years, and 70% of the population lives in cities. It is crazy to me that our earth has been used and cultivated for food for 12,000 years. It is also bazaar to me that 70% of the world’s population lives in cities. This is shocking to me because there are so many parts of the world that do not have cities and are strictly rural. I found the lessons about sustainable homes and buildings relevant and useful because I will be moving into a building a home of my own someday. I thought the Thorncrown Chapel and Fallingwater were beautiful, natural looking buildings that made me feel connected to nature.

I thought the article about bioinspired smart skins was interesting. The coolest features to me are chromatic mimetism and thermal regulation. While I think this is very impractical and unnecessary for everyday use, these types of features would come in great use for soldiers. Blending in like a chameleon would be far better than camouflage uniforms and thermal regulation would help the soldiers in drastic climates. Creating bio-inspired fabrics would be relevant in useful in extreme situations and would give the United States an advantage.

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