Humans’ home is essentially nature

Biophylia and biomimicry are two concepts both interrelated because they seek to reconnect us as human beings to nature. Some would stipulate that these concepts are trying to bring nature in our lives, but in reality we are restoring this natural connection we naturally have with nature. We are not two separate entities, we work as one. That is the reason why our old ways of treating ourselves and our environment have been causing us much harm. It is like nature has been sending us warnings to change since we were being destructive and not sustaining life.
“Sustaining life” is an expression that resonates perfectly in my mind. It is the closest accurate summary I would give to these nature based philosophies. How could have these modern societies caused so much chaos around them without feeling any guilt? How could one think he/she is superior to a whole that contains him/her and also sustaining life inside him/her? If it was not for the apparent destructive consequences that was affecting explicitly humans as well, I am afraid we would not have experienced today awareness of the danger of our actions. Fortunately, it happens and it is never too late to reverse the situation.
In my field of study, interior design, which consists of providing spaces that would enhance the users health and well being it is imperative that biophilia and biomimicry be integrated. Indeed, we do not want to disrupt the natural functioning of humans with their surroundings by providing design that would not sustain their lives. Since we have forgotten how to live in peace and harmony, nature is here to remind us. It is unbelievable how nature is such a rich resource of inspiration. I particularly favor biophilia because from the readings we made in class I was able to make connections with my own life. For example, whenever I stay in a place with no windows for a long time I start feeling uncomfortable, anxious and want to leave. Whatever the situation I am in I will always find a way to bring fresh air, natural light, dynamism from outside natural world (sounds, leaves moving, etc…) around me. I was surprised while reading the article that science prove it to be healthy practices.
I believe the first man and woman (I do not believe in evolution) were created in a natural context. They were surrounded by nature and surely knew how to treat it well. It is in this sense that today humans are experiencing difficulties due to their lack of wisdom, enlightenment and pursue of unsatisfactory material gains.

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