It’s the Circle of Life Blog 5

Nature teaches us many things, more than we could even imagine. Nature brings us food, nourishment, relaxation, but also embeds itself into our psychological and physical habits. I found that, as humans, we tend to always refer back to habits and surroundings that we have grown up from. Granted, I do not believe in evolution and the “savannah hypothesis,” but I can understand that from learning and the education we receive when we are younger form us to choose certain aspects of life as we grow up. Take farmers for example: they own a ranch, plow the fields, get married and have children, then teach their children to farm young, grow up, plow and the fields, and the cycle continues. I have many friends who are in that occupation and have grown up to major in agriculture in order to go back home and take over their families farm. It’s the way we are raised and brought up that implant memories and knowledge into our heads about how our lives will be formed in the future.

I only came to realize this after I read the article Bio-inspired Design: What can we learn from Nature? This article dives into the “savannah hypothesis” which basically means that humans tend to return to, find areas like, and design places that refer back to the presumed site of human evolution – the African Savannah grasslands. In the article it connected this hypothesis to department store displays. It says that the way displays are arranged and the visual that they perceive influences purchasing behaviors of the customers. In the African savannah, there is openness giving a large visual to all the surroundings and easy movement with scattered areas that supply shelter, food, and water for the taking. Just like the grasslands, a department store has a large retail floor space for easy movement, displays that are set up to catch the consumer’s eye and attention of purses, shoes, clothing, jewelry, etc. After comparing a department store to the savannah then you start to see all the variations of types of stores, and this is where the psychological aspect of education from childhood comes into play. There are high-end department stores for those who are wealthy and those who love to spend luxuriously, western stores for those who prefer to only buy cowboy boots, hats, and jeans, and even athletic/outdoor stores for those grown up playing outside and enjoy nature. The list goes on and on of all the multiple different types of stores there are and different types of consumers, but the fact is these certain consumers go to these certain stores for a reason. Their psychiatric education, background, knowledge and memories all led them there. Just as in The Lion King, Mufasa trains Simba to become the next King of Pride Rock and how all the animals have their own position yet all work together to become a whole community. “It’s the Circle of Life,” Walt Disney says, and we each have our own.

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