Understanding – Blog 5

This past week I was able to broaden my knowledge on biophillic design and how architecture is expanding itself by using bamboo for structure and design. When bamboo is untreated it is eaten to dust. However when a safe treatment solution is used the bamboo can last and be used in design to expand our normal ideas into extraordinary ones. By using the bamboo structurally architects and engineers are able to play with the curves the bamboo creates… the outcome is something that you have never seen and you will never forget. With the TED TALK that we watched on Tuesday I found it interesting that the blue prints are actual 3D models made by hand. I have always had a passion for model making but everything can be made on a computer, besides this because of the way it bends to bind itself with other parts of the structure. My favorite part of the video that really had me was when they said, “ART is also hardcore engineering”

One other thing that really caught my attention was the VIMEO we watched about Biophilic Design the architecture of design. During this video they said that a city should be more like a garden. The idea of a city being more like a garden to me actually made it a lot simpler to understand than trying to think bigger when saying a city should be like a forest. Our knowledge with biology is slim sadly so when you say a forest it is harder to comprehend because there are so many parts that we do not understand. Now when you say a garden I can better understand that because I have more experience with a garden compared to a forest.

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