blog number 6: That’s a Wrap

This week, we wrapped up the topic of biomimicry. This topic has been extremely interesting to learn about because I truly had no idea what it was all about when we started. So, this lecture by Patricia Moore wrapped up the topic perfectly, I think. She explains how careless we are toward the aging population. Like almost every other topic we have gone over this semester so far, this was something I was not aware of. She put herself in someone else’s shoes by experiencing how the aging population lives. What she experienced was truly eye opening. Seeing this was very inspiring to do the right thing and experience other walks of life. This can be related to our career field by experiencing different aspects of design and creating for everyone, not just one demographic or age group.

In addition to the lecture, we watched a very interesting view on biomimicry through a TED talk about insects. Although I’m slightly terrified of insects and any sort of bug, I found this outlook on biomimicry extremely refreshing and interesting to learn about. The technology that people are creating, solely based off of how insect, nature, and the Earth work are mind blowing. One of the points that stuck out to me most was how a gecko’s toes work as little, tiny suction cups that have multiple layers so that they can climb most all surfaces. The science behind these kind of discoveries seem crazy to me because I never would have thought to look that closely at a gecko to figure out how the climb so quickly and easily.

I find myself stuck in my own little bubble the majority of the time that I don’t look around me to find inspiration or realize how cool this world is that we is living in. This whole section of biomimicry has given me a completely new outlook on the world and I’m excited to learn more!

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