Entry 6- Biomimicry and Empathic Design

This week in class we continued the discussion on Biomimicry. Robert Full did a wonderful job explaining how they are mimicking natures’ movements and putting that into robotics. They showed several studies of geckos and their climbing ability. They are putting this information into robots that are used to explore spaces including space. These robots use similar movements to nature in order to navigate the earth in astounding ways. I love learning about new things such as this because it shows that anything in nature can be observed and in some way replicated in our designs. No matter how small the animal may be we are able to learn something.

We also watched a Ted talk and the Patricia Moore Video. This started our discussion on empathic design. Patricia discussed her transformation into older age and how design limited her in that old age. We should be designing for people of all ages. One of her statements was that a good designer designs for not what is wrong for you but what is right for you. This video brought my attention to the needs of the older generations and how they are often overlooked or treated poorly. There is a lack of empathy to our design and that should change because no human should have to struggle to be mobile in a world where we are perfectly capable of avoiding that. Patricia said that she met lovely people and really had a great time dressed up as an elder but then there were times where she was appalled at how she was treated. I could not believe that she was actually beat up and left to die. To me this is a horrific event and it occurs more than we think. What I found interesting about the TED talk was the use of shrimp shells to create structures that are firm, sturdy, and stable. We are at a moment in history where we have limited resources and we need to figure out what our next steps are going to be. We should be building for the future. Clothing with no seams are being made by 3D printing. I am involved in the apparel industry so to see new innovations like this is very exciting.

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