Nothing is impossible or wrong; it’s all about the deisgn. – Blog 6

Biomimicry and 3D printing almost go hand in hand after talking so much about it in our last module. To be inspired by nature and use its properties to create new architecture, interiors, fashion etc. when Scientists/Designers create a prototype they use 3D printing to build their structures that mimic biology or add forms of biology to create a new design. 3D printing technology has made it possible to create anything the heart desires just with some extended coding and time. It has made creating prototypes and usable/wearable items possible to be built just by printing. This technology could replace a lot of unsustainable practices within the textile and interiors industries if designers would come together to make it a point to do so. Recreating human skin is a new research topic to improve human performance and protection against elements. If it is possible to create something like this it will revolutionary but I still see it as being very far off. I would love to have an extra layer of skin to protect me from ever getting sunburned again.

Empathic design is really important for everyone. Designers need to design for the consumer not just for the sake of design unless it is only meant to be art. In Patricia Moore’s lecture a line that she spoke that really stood out to me was, ” no one is disabled, it is just bad design”. I think that is the most beautiful thing that I ever heard. Designers a lot of the time only market to younger people that are mobile, energetic, and can do anything because they are young. They forget that everyone gets older and lose some of those things with age. You learn to climb stairs, hills, and other things but they become more difficult or almost impossible to do because our bones become fragile and there is a risk of elders getting hurt. We don’t create our world for elderly people because to some they will they are going to die soon anyway who cares? this is a terrible way to think but it is true for some people. Some designers think that the young population is the largest and most useful market to target to but if they were smart they would try to embrace the elders. Designing new homes, or walkways so that elders can live their life the way that they always have so that they could have some type of normalcy without the risk of hurting themselves this is the way to go.

In Neri Oxman’s TED talk she discusses combining machine and biology into one working system. Mainly trying to transfer the dependence on machines and unnatural technologies to using biology to create buildings or textiles without harming nature in the process. The silkworm demonstration on how silkworms can create cocoons on any dimension make sit very possible to create humane silk factories to create raw silk for textiles without boiling the cocoons and killing the silkworms. In the textile industry we abuse our resources heavily. There is no need to keep doing our same old processes because their are designers out there that have proven that it isn’t the only way to do things. I believe if designers came together and really made it a point to change the way that the textile industry does their business it wouldn’t only benefit nature, animals and humans but it would create better business models for the future and make designs more innovative and make more money in the long run.

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