Blog 8

Last week during class, different groups presented a selected students probe design package to the class. Each learning community took the selected student package and came up with a sustainable solution to fit that person’s everyday life to help them. Our group created the “clean up pup”. Our student spent lots of time doing chores like sweeping and dishes, so we created a helper for those needs. She also showed a love for her dogs, so we made the clean up helper look like one of her dogs so they could play with it instead of being scared of it. The clean up pup washes dirty dishes while it cleans the floor.

The sustainable aspect of the clean up pup is that it is powered completely by the sun. It also runs on the dishwashing water being cycled through it. Our girl thought that the clean up pup would be a great addition to her home and would help her with tasks she doesn’t always want to be caught up doing.

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