Empathic Design for Loss and Loved Ones Blog 8

The L.O.L.A. show last Tuesday was one that truly had a lot of touching moments and emotions attached to the topics that were being presented. Empathic design can be seen in so many different ways and used to create beautiful things that impact the environment we live in and our daily lives. One of the most impactful presentations given was one about CureDiva.com. This company was built and created by women who also were affected by breast cancer and lost self-esteem and their view of their own femininity. The products off of this site help women in all stages of breast cancer cope with their treatments and know that they are beautiful inside and out. I am a part of the social sorority organization, Zeta Tau Alpha, whose philanthropy is Breast Cancer Awareness and have participated in many events that support and encourage all women affected by this cancer. I have had several friends who have had mothers and grandmothers affected by breast cancer who have gone through so many troubles in helping their mom feel loved and comfortable in her own skin, and this site is one of a kind. I have never seen or heard of a company like this, and this is absolutely one that can help so many women in so many ways.

CureDiva works in so many ways to help women affected by breast cancer by making undergarments, clothing, post-op clothing, hats and head wraps, accessories such as fans and much more. Even within these clothing options, you can have special breast forms and nipples made into the clothing that makes a whole part of woman that might have been lost or removed during surgery. This type of product marketing and management can become a sensation and hopefully an inspiration around the world because it could really catch storm and take a leap for all types of cancers and illnesses. Not only could it work for breast cancer for women, but for leukemia for children, prostate cancer for men, and many more.

Another example that comes to mind that is a small case of empathic design involving fashion and apparel is the Stillwater Strong shirt that has come out due to the tragic occurrences this past Saturday. A shirt has been made by the University Tees company is making a shirt by the Foundation who has created a design to sell to the community, university, Oklahoma, and nationwide where all proceeds go to the families in need of help due to medical expenses and critical needs associated with the event. This shirt helps those remember the event and the beautiful lives lost that day while giving back to these families who lost something so special to them, none of us can fathom the devastation. Empathic design is more relevant than not and sometimes it unfortunately takes something like cancer or a tragedy for it to be more pronounced than not; however, these empathic designs will forever make an impact on these lives and forever will become a part of a better world as we can now remember them for eternity.

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