Our World in a package

This week in class learning communities presented their Lola shows over different topics

that were choosing by the students.  We also created a design probe package for the whole

weekend. The first day of the package we had to describe our emotions on how we felt that

morning by placing an X on the emoji that described it. Then next we took pictures of our

outfits that we wore throughout the day. Then we put a heart over our favorite outfit for

that day. We also recorded our activities that we done throughout the day. Then we put a

heart over our favorite activity. We also took pictures of a few of our favorite things. These

things could be anything. Last on the list we had to take pictures of all the food that we ate

throughout the day. Then we had to place an X on our favorite food. We also had an

option to add images of any experiences we had that day or enjoyed. We recorded our

actions for everyday throughout the whole weekend. I enjoyed doing this assignment

because it allowed me to really see the many that that I put my focus into such as, my

outfits, the food I eat, and activities I choose to do throughout the weekend. In class on

Thursday we had to design a product in our learning communities about the things that

people put in their probes.

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