Understanding in Order to Achieve Design – Blog 8

This week in class we had L.O.L.A. presentations and we looked further into our design probe assignment. Both covered many interesting ideas about empathetic and sustainable design.  Many students had very interesting presentations and I definitely was able to put my shoes into some very different people in order to understand design that fits their needs. These presentations are the primary reason for my gained insight. The L.OL.A. PowerPoints covered various topics regarding issues of today’s people, I learned that not everyone possesses the same problem thus there are so many innovative products and ideas that can be created in order to fit the people’s needs! On Thursday we reviewed some individuals personal design probe and learned what they could possible need in order to make they life a little easier. My group created a organizational and studious work station for a student who found herself busy all the time with limited space. Safe to say she enjoyed our product. By completing this exercise I was able to fully grasp the concept of Empathetic Design, and I hope to gain more insight in the future as well.

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