Blog 9 – Human Needs

In this week, we talked about human needs with emphatic design. According to Rafiq Elmansy’s article Empathic Design: The Most Difficult Simple Approach to Successful Design in Designorate (2014), “empathic design tries to meet users’ needs and even thinks in terms of what they may need to make their life much easier. Empathic design aims to build an emotional relationship between the end consumer and the product by achieving a better understanding of the user experience and users’ needs at an early stage of new product development (NPD)”. According to above quotation emphatic design always think about user’s needs. Especially, it is related with human comfortable, happiness, and so on. About happiness, in class, we discussed about having, doing, and being in designing for human needs. I think having process is most important part in designing for human needs. This is because I think knowing about sufficient for human is important. Before designing, designer or users should think about what is most necessary thing and how to include that in their life. Furthermore, seller should think not only design, but also consumer’s comfortable. When I buy a something, if their services are also good with design, I want to use there more and more frequently. According to this week’s emphatic design human needs, I can think about my future work with design.

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