This week while researching online, I discovered two examples of innovations that incorporated empathy into their designs. First, I discovered a mood changing watch called Doppel. “Their research into psycho-physiology – the way a person’s mind and body affect one-another – inspired them to design a new technology that could harness the body’s innate response to rhythm.”This item has the look of a watch, and has health monitoring technology. But instead of just monitoring your daily statistics like other wearable technology out there, this device appeals to the empathetic side by having the capability to pulsate rhythms that affect how you feel. The rhythms that can be adjusted at any time by the user. The second empathetic design example I found definitely applies to our class right now since we’ll be doing our Oak creek project soon. I discovered an exhibit in Miami,FL that is designed for the blind or visually impaired! The Miami Center for Architecture and Design (MCAD) partnered with EXILE books and the Miami lighthouse for the Blind to create this environment that speaks to you, and that you can touch.”A merger of free musical performances, lectures, mobility and orientation tours and a hands-on exhibit, the show also will offer those with sight a new way to look at art and architecture.” One really cool aspect about this project is that the interior designer of the building is actually blind, talk about stepping into one’s shoes!

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