Sustainability Journey Week 9: Human Needs

This week we discussed how human needs effect the way we design. Our learning communities were assigned to focus on one specific need and design according to that need. These needs include subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, leisure, creation, identity, and freedom. With these needs you have satisfiers that fulfill those needs such as being, having, doing, and interacting. Our group was assigned to design using the interacting satisfier. We chose to fulfill the leisure need with the invention of smart glasses. These smart glasses will allow you to take in what you see, what inspires you, and what you want others to be able to see. Then this can be sent to anywhere and anyone you want. It can be sent from your glasses to you colleagues at work and they can interact with you about what you are seeing while you are fulfilling the leisure need. My take away is that I should be more mindful of the need I want to fulfill when I am designing. This will not only allow me to learn about consumer needs but also create a sustainable and functional product.

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