Blog week 10

Last week, we had an in class activity on Tuesday that I particularly liked: proposing innovative ways to enhance social interactions within a space. This is a subject that research in the past using the class material provided by our professor. The different videos we watched and articles we read about mimicking nature inspired me in my thing process in attempt to solve the problem we were given. I was surprised by how well structured and scientific my approach was: making connection with the notion of proximity, point of interest, stimulated responses, etc.. As a group we decided to come up with a furniture system that would bring people together as well as incorporating activities that will allow sharing. This experience definitely helped me in approaching my futue design project differently.
On Thursday, we discussed design activism which I think is a good thing as us being part of a society that constantly needs to better itself. We should not stay passive toward the numerous problems we have to face as humans on this earth. Everyone should bring his/her expertise so we can help each other. Daring to think differently in order to bring change into a routine that keeps us bonded.

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