Blog – Happiness and re-calculate

This week we were asked to take a happiness survey in class. The survey interested me because they actually really made you think about your answers. Your at least my answers weren’t an automatic answer every time I would answer one automatically I had to question myself to make sure that I was being completely honest and it turns out that my automatic answers were not completely honest. We have to always remember when we design for any user that things are different for everyone and how important it is to understand each of the users needs in a space or in a product to fulfill their wishes/needs.

We were asked to find out our carbon footprint again. Sadly mine isn’t to great still. This is because I drive from Tulsa to Stillwater every Monday-Thursday in a Mid-Size SUV. This drastically affects my score because I only get 22 mpg. I am still trying to figure away to better my vehicle to get better mpg and to cause less damage to the environment.

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