Design for Change – Blog 9

Tuesday’s reading, Fashion and Sustainability Design for Change, opened by eyes to a new way of designing clothing for specific human needs. I found the ‘Touch Me’ dress particularly interesting, because it was designed for the need of affection by having open slits in for friends and family to touch her and show their affection. Even though I think it’s a little weird and don’t necessarily see myself wearing a dress like this, I can definitely see how this would work. I own a few open back blouses and think they have somewhat of the same effect. We had an in class activity were I measured my happiness using the Happiness Barometer. In generally I would consider myself a very happy person, but when I had to answers these questions, I realized that there was a lot going on in my life that I wasn’t too happy about. Designers have the power to tap into human emotions, and human emotions are the driving force of how and what consumers buy. It’s becoming more and more clear to me that in order for the fashion industry to become sustainable, we need to change consumer behavior by taping into their emotions, which are directly tied with their human needs.

I feel that the Max-Neef model of human needs and the human scale development is a great tool for all designers. I’m surprised that this is the first time I am learning about this. I have learned about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is many of my classes and feel that the Max-Neef model is equally, if not more, relevant and important for students to learn about, especially in DHM. On Thursday, we got in our learning communities to design something with one of the Top 100 NGO’s (non-governmental organizations). Not only was I inspired by the work of these organizations, but this activity also made me think more deeply and creatively about the types of designs that can change and better this world. Sometimes it just takes a small spark to ignite a huge change.

Unfortunately, when I calculated my carbon footprint again, I had slightly worse results. This is due to my increased frequency of driving to Texas on the weekends over the past month. Since I recently got engaged and am in the midst of planning a wedding in Texas, I am making a few more trips back home than usual.

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