Empathic Design and Entrepreneurship

This week in class we talked about Empathic Design of a smart Entrepreneur. A great invention was the Mac book. Steve Jobs says “We didn’t think the mac will sell billions, but we didn’t built the mac for anybody else. We built it for ourselves.” Many inventors and entrepreneurs are gifted with the ability to foresee what people will like in the future based on experiences and observation of the world. Others make assumptions about users based on information and fail to make successful products. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have. Empathic design is a user centered design research. Peoples needs at the centre of a project.  A user is anyone who comes into contact with a product. The steps to the empathic design process are step 1: Observation, step 2: capturing data, step 3: Reflection and analysis, step 4: Brainstorming for solutions, step 5: Developing prototypes of possible solutions.

In the article “I Love this Dress, It makes Me Feel Beautiful! Empathic Knowledge in Sustainable Design” it talks about a study that was done on sustainable product relationships with an eye on textiles and clothing. It studies how an empathic design approach could improve a sustainable design process. In order to promote sustainability designers need to aim at enhancing long term product relationships.

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