Blog 9

This week we continued empathic design and how emotional intellect into design can aid in the proper design. We did a class activity on how to enhance social activity. My group got to thinking about what brings people together now, and how to enhance that. We asked ourselves, what is one thing that everyone enjoys? Food. Food has brought people together for years, but how to make that social rather than sitting at a dinner table in a restaurant. We built on the food truck idea but to also make it a activity. One idea we had was that you could go and pick your own food to add to your meal, like vegetables and easy produce. Once you had it picked out, there would be an individual pod to go to eat in for you and your friends or family. We thought that making it a public space yet private would be more intriguing because when you go to eat, it is a social event but only with the people you are with.

On Thursday, we discussed design activism which I think is a good thing as us being part of a society that constantly needs to better itself. We should not stay passive toward the numerous problems we have to face as humans on this earth. Everyone should bring his/her expertise so we can help each other. Daring to think differently in order to bring change into a routine that keeps us bonded.

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