Blog 10

The subject we discussed last week emphasized on how to design for seniors, which perfectly matches our current studio project. Indeed, designing involves preliminary research about the users of the space we are providing in order to best responds to their needs. Incorporating emphatic design principles which brings us close to our old clients is important in addressing all the psychological and physiological  problems they encounter daily. One thing that is of importance for me is the psychological aspect of the issue. Old people start to have nostalgia of their past as they age slowly. Personally, I have been feeling nostalgic about my childhood as well, as I am growing older despite my early age.

Since old people are subject to being moved to nursing homes, they need to bring these memories with them, so they do not feel robbed from the life they have lived  long ago. It is achieved through a design that exhibits their culture, family and natural environment. For example a nursing home might have an area where the participants can display their old memories, photographs of family members or even objects they have a strong attachment to. Natural features such as water fountain, plants will always be part of our life and also participate in healing old souls.
It is sad that the first nursing infrastructures did not think about that in the past. I can’t imagine how stressful it was for those elders to be in a totally different place that also lacked exposure to the natural world. Such conditions accelerates your death.

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