Everyone did a great job in this past week’s Lola shows. One that really interested me was the tiny house that was built to ADA standards. I’m already extremely fascinated with tiny house living, and I myself hope to own one someday. I feel like this concept of downsizing and aging in place is a great way to accommodate the elderly population. I would also love to see ADA accessible tiny houses combined with co-housing. I’m excited to visit Oak Creek to see how they’ve accomplished maintaining independence as they age as well as creating a community for themselves. I think that giving disabled people the opportunity to keep their independence by giving them a fitting home is empowering. I also think that it’s important to keep in mind that everyone can benefit from the aging in place concept. We may not be handicapped or isolated now, but we very well could be later on down the road, and we should prepare for that.

I also wanted to talk a little bit about a documentary I stumbled across on Netflix. The True Cost is an eye opening film that depicts the lives of factory workers in the fashion industry. I didn’t realize how broken the system was until I saw this film. The girls that go to work for these companies feel as though it’s one of their only options, and that’s why they stay even through the abuse. I hope this devastating documentary sparks change within the fashion industry.


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