Design Slam & LOLA-Blog 10

This was another inspiring week of empathic design and design activism. I was really impressed with my groups Design Slam solution of creating a ColorTru film that can be placed on windows, mirrors, computer and phone screens, reading glasses, and sunglasses. The ColorTru film allows individuals who are colorblind to see the true colors of whatever it is they are looking at through the film. We also designed ColorTru to be sustainable with a closed-loop and non-waste system. After creating our Design Slam solution, we were really inspired to look into actually creating ColorTru film.

The LOLA presentations were in full of great designs and companies that I haven’t even heard of. I gave a presentation about 4 All Humanity, which I hadn’t heard about until I stumbled upon them in an article about ethical clothing sites. What I loved most about this brand is that they strive to help everyone their brand comes in contact with, from the cotton growers to the end consumers. This is the kind of brand I should be investing my money in. There are brands that are actually making a positive difference in the world, and as a consumer, I am going to start making more ethical purchases. I also really enjoyed learning about Top & Derby compression socks. I’m only 22 years old but have heard wearing compression socks are great for preventing varicose veins, especially whens they run in your family like me. However, I never considered buying any, because they’re not all that attractive. But with Top & Derby’s modern designs, I am actually considering buying a pair for myself.

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