Blog 10- Baking & Canes

This week, I completed two assignments that were relevant and useful to empathic design and also in my field. The first one on Tuesday was completed during design slam 1. Our scenario was about an older man who loved to work in his bakery but was having trouble due to Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s causes people to become shaky, weak, and unsteady. Due to these symptoms, my learning community created a bakeware line called No Ache Bake. This line of bakeware was wedge shaped, vibrated and was weighted. We did some research and learned that the wedged shape is easier to hold for people with Parkinson’s. The weight and vibrations help the baker to have a steadier hand and be less likely to drop their creation. We created items like spatulas, whisks, oven mitts, spoons, and pans. To be more sustainable, our products will be solar powered.

On Thursday, I did my LOLA show presentation. It was about a company called Top & Derby that creates fashionable canes and compression socks. They saw a need for this because all compression socks and canes are tan, tan and metal, boring, and ugly. These 2 men that created the company also believe that making these products available will help to reduce the stigma against people with disabilities. People should not be looked at funny because they use a cane or need compression socks. Really, these two items are no different than needing glasses and if fashionable glasses are readily available then fashionable canes and compression socks should be as well. I thought Top & Derby was relevant and useful because the 2 creators saw a need in the medical and fashion worlds and broke into a stagnant industry.

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