Blog 10: Design Slam & LOLA

In class on Tuesday, we started the week with a design slam. My learning community was given the task of designing for Audrey Hepburn who was stuck in a wheel chair, she wanted to continue to be mobile in her day-to-day life. So we decided to take it upon ourselves to have a wheelchair that would coordinate with her cabinets, doors and other furnishings to have the capabilities of being opened via remote control. Along with implementing a way for closing the loop and using sustainable energy. We felt as though we could take what we have learned about designing with empathy in mind and sustainability and use it to our advantage. Like many of the other groups we ended the activity with something that we believed to be extremely successful, had it had been real. While this would be concept and a product that may be on the higher end of the price scale, it would have been something that brought more value to the end user and something that would have lasted a longer time. In comparison to an average wheelchair. So shouldn’t we be asking why we haven’t though of something so simple yet, or should we be asking what is really driving these corporations to keep from designing such things. Are they really that much more interested in the money or are they just that blind to the demand for this in the market.

We wrapped up the week with the last part of the LOLA show and the presentations that went along with it. This LOLA series was a little bit longer as we had 3 groups to finish. While it left my mind racing, I really felt like I walked away with something meaningful and a new understanding of what is going on in the world around us. One thing that I found really interesting was the portion about Nike and their shoes that were designed for people with motor skill deficits. It was something that I wish I knew more about, being that Nike is such a well known brand. Something like that should be advertised more. It truly ended up being a insightful story for designers and was something that should have been shared.

I also really enjoyed the petal back clothing brand that we were informed about. It was something that I could draw upon with family experience and the LOLA show presentation that I made about Buck and Buck clothing line, designed for elderly individuals. It was great to see things finally tie together in my brain and see how the world is really moving as a whole.

I’m excited to see how these last few weeks tie together and how this course will end. I really believe that there is going to be something that holds great meaning when all is said and done.

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