Blog 10: Empathic Learning

For Tuesday’s lesson, we worked on a Design Slam project. My group came up with an idea that would comfort a long-time secretary, as her wrists and back muscles had started to ache due to the sitting and the constant bodily pressure of her work. We developed an undergarment that is sustainable and comes in nude, black, and white that would sensor key pressure points on the body, telling the user when to move and helping her to relax. It will come with an anti-microbial finish that will prevent the need to wash this garment daily. It is discreet and slimming and also has an app available, if the user wishes to track data or get helpful hints via mobile device.

The Lola Show on Thursday proved to be very interesting and I learned about many companies making a difference in the world. I was really excited to learn about 4 All Humanity, a fair trade organization that sells online. Every part of the manufacturing process is both sustainable and good for humanity. I love that it helps humans all over the world to live better quality lives. Top & Derby was another fascinating brand. I discovered that the walking cane market, as well as the compression socks market was indeed stagnant and definitely needed some fashionable creativity added to these things. I love the designs that they create for their products, making people’s lives happier, prouder, and more enjoyable. The Pavegen Systems concept also sounds fascinating. It reminds me of something I read recently, where they are harvesting wave energy to be used to give energy to houses. It gave me the learning epiphany that energy can be harvested from almost anything, from footsteps to waves and beyond.

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