Blog 10 – LOLA Shows and Design Slam

On Tuesday this past week, we participated in our last design slam of the semester.  These design slams have been my favorite part of the semester so far.  It is really interesting to be given a certain scenario and a very limited amount of time to come up with design solutions.  I was really proud of my group’s innovation this week.  We were presented with a design problem dealing with a man who wanted to be independent and shop for his own groceries, but his diminishing eye sight was preventing his independence.  Together, the four of us came up with a device that would attach to any grocery cart and provide audio instructions and directions to assist the user.

This week we also were presented with the last set of LOLA presentations.  There were a lot of interesting presentations on empathic design and designing for human needs.  My favorite one was over the Pavegen floor tiles.  It is really cool that something that takes no extra effort from the user can make an impact.  Because the tiles produce energy just from walking on them, they are the perfect sustainable product to use in high traffic areas such as school corridors.  Some of the presentations raised some questions for me.  All were very great ideas, I just think the companies could explore them a little further.  The first question I had was for the Top & Derby fashion canes.  Do they have prices that compare with the already expensive medical supplies or do you have to splurge to upgrade from a regular cane?  My next question was for the Nike no-tie ease sneakers.  The concept is fantastic, but do they have any options for women with same medical problems?

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