BLOG 10:Design Slam and LOLA show

This week we had our second design slam. My scenario was to design a kitchen revolving around a woman with dementia and slowing motor skills. I found this relative to my life because my grandpa had dementia. I learned from watching him the factors that would need to be considered when designing such a high danger area of the home. I had to incorporate design empathy. I have learned a lot from the design slams this semester and they have probably been one of my favorite activities to complete. It allows me into a situation where I can imagine up a design with others.

On Thursday I did my LOLA show presentation over AMOUR gel. It is a new and upcoming product expected to be on the market in 2016. This ARMOUR protect elders against falls and bone breakage. There is an astounding number of elders who end up in the hospital every year due to broken bones. By wearing this type of clothing, elders will be able to better protect their fragile bodies. There were many other LOLA shows on companies that are making a difference for elder lives.

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