Dawn | Blog 10

This past Tuesday we had a Design Slam. My group and I used empathic design and design activism in order to develop a product that aids to visually impaired individuals. We created a technology called ‘Dawn,’ it is a verbal positioning system that grocery stores can provide for individuals who are visually impaired. This system is an attachment to any shopping basket or cart, using sustainable energy the device can direct the user to any location in the store as well as scan items for more information. Using ‘Dawn’ individuals using visual impairments are able to preform the simple task of grocery shopping which gives them self satisfaction and empowerment of their own lives. Using design activism we are giving individuals human capital, in other words, social interaction. This social interaction allows for a happy consumer! Throughout this design slam I was able to gain more insight with empathic design. I really enjoy this form of design, and I find it very inspirational.

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