Designs and Presentations- Blog 10

This week we did  our second design slam and our problem statement that we had was a man named Tom Hanks was dealing with a lot of stress in his life between his elderly parents, wife pregnant with their third child, teaching three classes and working on two research projects his schedule was, to put it in simple terms, hectic.

My group decided to create a brand new office space for him because his work as a professor seemed to be his escape but if he could get his work and research done faster he could get home to deal with his family emergencies. Our idea was called Destress Recess. We wanted to bring biophillic design into his space so we want to put in a lot of nature into his office. Such as, grass floors, waterfall wall feature, cool blues and greens paints on the wall, calming music, wallpaper that looks like a forest, etc. There will be an alert system that notifys Tom when it is time to take a “recess” so that he can just clear his mind and relax for 10-20 minutes or however long he needs then gets back to work. Since his office is now a relaxing oasis he will better be able to concentrate on his work and get it done faster then be able to go home and spend quality time with his family and check in on his parents.

On Thursday there was a LOLA show and three different learning communities presented their topics. The few that stood out to me were Pavegen a company that creates flooring that harvests energy just from people walking on it. It was created in London and I think this would be the coolest idea for any big retailer or night club because those are high traffic areas that can produce a lot of energy. Another one that stood out to me was Armour and it was protective clothing that incorporated a lightweight padding that can withstand a lot of pressure that are located on the highest possible contact point if an elderly person were to fall. It was discreet and well made and I thought it was a great design achievement. The last one that I really loved was Top & Derby which is a company that creates fashionable canes and compression socks for anyone with walking or circulation issue sand needs these items. The socks were the coolest designs and I thought it was a great idea because a lot of old people are stubborn about not wanting to have anyone know that they need help so these socks being so fashionable no one would have any idea they were compression socks.

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