Educational sustainability

From the first classes we had about we sustainability, most of us were clueless about what it was really about. Some thought is was a trend, others did not know more than recycling cans and water bottles. I am now happy  and proud to see how far we have come now to be able to conduct thoughtful presentations using the principles we learned, without mentioning the class activities that are challenging to our inner creativity. Last Tuesday while listening to each design slams which subjugated me, I was thinking about how we could adjust our overall educational system in my country so that its allows expression of individual creativity.

We inherited from the french system which is less about practicing and more about theory, which really blocks us from discovering our own potentialities and be able to help our community. The model we have is basically throwing knowledge and expecting student to swallow it and be able to re transcribe it textually. It is so bad that when someone thinks out of the box, he/she might be stigmatized.

We need sustainability to visit us in our educational system in Burkina Faso. Indeed, sustainability applied in education would be defined as a system of connection, sharing, exchange with respect of ones’ integrity, valuing of everyone self and particularity without discrimination. The professor would be the source of inspiration of knowledge that nurture each student according to their personal needs. It’s a whole that works for the well being and intellectual enrichment of each component, which is at the image of harmony we have in Nature.

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