Design Slam Improved by LOLA Show Presentations

This blog reflection will be on improving my design slam concept and taking a closer look one of my favorite LOLA Show presentations.

My second Design Slam concept derived from a summary of my client’s daily problems, she was and elderly individual who held and office desk job. The client was experiencing lower back pain and a sharp nerve pain in her wrists. As I set out to design for her, I wanted to focus in on not only the problem but what her non work related activities were. To be sure that I created a garment that could be worn throughout the day I considered an undergarment compression shirt. In addition to correcting posture, this undershirt equipped with a chip was designed to monitor stationary activities and alert the wearer when they’ve been in one position too long. This alert will cue the wearer to change positions or take a break from that task. As an incentive to corrective behavior, the shirt will store energy to operate an attachable shoulder LED light. This light will aid in outdoor gardening activities in the evenings, reading, and the client’s beloved hobby of sewing.

While reflecting on LOLA show companies, Amour Gel and compression socks, I could enhance my design by including Amour Gel padding in the lower lumbar and shoulder areas to protect the back from further injury and pad the shoulders to support painful bra straps. The sock company inspired me to create a more appealing design, with bright colors and pattern. The cycle of the garment included a system to send the garment off for upcycling into compression socks and bandages. The company was to also extract the chip and create a data summary of the wearers activity log for the duration of the garment life. This data would be helpful to practitioners in generating care plans for the elderly such as weight restriction guidelines or prescribed exercise. With valuable feedback from the instructor, I have also decided to have the chip data available at anytime via mobile application.

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