Although this semester is coming to a close, my sustainability journey has only just begun. I know I will be living my life differently now that I understand what kind of impact my life can have on this planet. Throughout this class, I feel as though I’ve learned a little bit about everything involving sustainability. To me, sustainability means providing for this generation without compromising the needs of the future generations. Sustainable design means developing solutions that respect nature. Sustainable design can happen at all levels; social, economical, and ecological. My classmates have been great resources for new information. I’ve learned so much just from having casual conversation with my learning community. Thanks guys 🙂 The lola shows were my favorite part of class because we got to see the applications of all the theories we’ve learned about during lecture. The lola show examples really brought me up to date with current products and technology. Dr. J did a wonderful job at presenting us with valuable resources as well. The tedtalks and the articles he provided were a great asset to me because they inspired me to expand my knowledge on subjects I didn’t even know existed. I think the most important thing that I learned during this class doesn’t have anything to do with sustainability at all. I learned that I should be immersing myself in what’s going on in the world around me. Don’t get stuck in tunnel vision. I learned that I should always seek a deeper meaning, always ask why. I should learn to recognize patterns in life, analyze those patterns, make connections, form new ideas, and live out those ideas. I have the opportunity to create a positive change within my field, and so do you. We are the future.

Let’s go design something great!


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