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At the beginning of this class, I thought I truly know what it meant to be sustainable. It didn’t take me very long to realize that I was wrong. Throughout this course I’ve learned the true meaning of sustainability, the wide range of sustainable theories and practices, and of course how to become sustainable. Concluding this semester, I would define sustainability as a lifestyle. This lifestyle consists of energy efficiency, daily interaction with nature, as well as product, clothing, and other material conservation on a DAILY BASIS. Sustainability is truly a way of thinking, and in order to call yourself a sustainable individual I strongly believe you have to be actively involved in sustainable practices, not only when it is convenient. When I first began this course I was very simple minded regarding sustainability. I associated sustainability with only recycling, re-using, and conserving light or certain products. I found it very interesting about all of the diversity sustainability contains, such as basophilic design, empathic design, design activism, up-cycling/down-cycling, etc.

My greatest epiphany was closer to the beginning of the course when we read the Easter Island article. I believe Easter Island is a perfect example of what an economic-based society will eventually evolve into. The greed, competition, and consumption of the Islanders were the things that drove their society and in the end they were the things that ended it as well. The comparison between Easter Island and today’s society are too similar to ignore, and it strongly worries me of our future. From this epiphany I will take away the sense of urgency and realism. At first I thought sustainability was simply a way to conserve materials and almost a form of self expression, but following this epiphany I realized we dealing with the destruction of our environment as well as human lives. Sustainability is something that should be taken very seriously.

Moving forward with my sustainability journey, I want to continue learning about new ways to be sustainable. As a designer I think it is very important to stay up to date with new sustainable practices as well as continue with the old ones. Interior designer hold a very important influence on sustainable design and we have the opportunity to educate others as well. I hope to educate others with what I have discovered this past semester as well as learn through my sustainable practices in order to be constantly improving my practices as well as influence others.

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